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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shaw TV?
Shaw TV is the name of locally based community channel services operated by cable TV provider Shaw Communications. The channels are available only to Shaw Cable subscribers and are produced in most major communities throughout western Canada.
Can I watch Shaw TV on my mobile device?
Yes, this new website experience allows you to watch your community content online and whenever you want.
Where can I volunteer?
Each station has its own volunteer program. But you can start by filling up this volunteer form and send it back to this
Is there any training required to volunteer?
No. It will help to have some training in TV or if you are studying something related to the field of broadcast but everybody is welcome to volunteer. Our expert teams will help you with all your needs.
Can I host my own show?
YES! And we can help you if you don't know anything about hosting your show or producing a TV program. You can contact us by phone: or by email: and we can help you or guide on how to do this.
Can I use the studio for recording my show?
YES. Studio time is limited and you may want to use it from time to time but the best shows are the ones shot on location. Contact us by phone: or by email: and we can help you or guide on how to do this.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer at Shaw TV, please fill out, print and send back the following form:

Shaw TV Volunteer Application Form

Community Access Programming

Local Television Content

We are pleased to accept completed shows and new show ideas. Please Review our information guide which will assist you in submitting your program proposal and remember, Shaw is available to assist with the production if required.

Shaw TV Community Access Guidelines and Information

The community channel is a free service provided by Shaw. We do not purchase television programming. There is no charge to you to produce any local television or televise your event. Sponsorship revenues may be used to offset the cost of producing or televising your proposal or event. The community channel is focused on issues, arts and entertainment from . Programming should reflect local viewpoints, activities and diverse voices that are not being heard.

Shaw TV Access Program Application Form